Friday, November 13, 2009

Suzanne Preate on "Digital Project Management: Best Practices"

In early October, Suzanne Preate from Bird Library at Syracuse University did a session at a conference in Potsdam, NY entitled Digitizing: Best Practices. Suzanne reports that the session should have been named "Digital Project Management: Best Practices" because that describes better what she discussed. The NNYLN 2009 Conference web site includes a link to her slides as well as other resource materials.

Suzanne's slides lay out an orderly flow to the project management, with the project progressing through various phrases. Some projects likely blur these phrases together, but it is very helpful to think about them as being distinct. As distinct phrases, you can then ensure that one is complete before moving forward to the next. You can also celebrate the completion of a phrase, which will give the team a sense of accomplishment.

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