Thursday, November 19, 2009

Podcast - BTB #133: For Google Book Settlement, Wasoff Reviews Revisions

Quoting the web site:
Last Friday, November 13th, the parties in the Google Book Search Copyright Class Action filed a revised settlement proposal, responding to concerns voiced by authors, publishers and the U.S. Department of Justice.

For the benefit of our customers and rightsholders, Copyright Clearance Center invited renowned intellectual property attorney Lois Wasoff to speak with Chris Kenneally about the most noteworthy changes, and to explain in brief their potential impact on rightsholders and their works.

I have not listend to this yet, but I've listened to another podcast done by Lois Wasoff on the Settlement and it was excellent, so I expect this to also be well-done and relatively easy to understand (given the topic at hand).

Also the site says:
On Thursday, December 10, Wasoff & Kenneally will present a one-hour online seminar providing an in-depth examination of the settlement as proposed, and calling out all important deadlines for rightsholders.
You may register for this event here.

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