Wednesday, May 06, 2009

YouTube video(s) from DigitalPreservationEurope (DPE)

Quoting an email received yesterday:
As many of you will know DigitalPreservationEurope (DPE) are committed to making digital preservation materials available to the widest possible audience and to breaking down barriers to access. The release of a new series of short animations introducing and explaining digital preservation problems and solutions for the general public marks an important step reaching this goal.

We are delighted to announce that the first animation is now ready for viewing at (See below for video)

We believe these cartoons encapsulate complex digital preservation issues and problems and explain them in a funny and easy to follow plot. Please fee free to make use of these animations as part of your own work to raise awareness and understanding about digital preservation.

Future animations will be released on our You Tube Channel at

To learn more about DPE or to access our suite of preservation resources and tools, please go to
The video below is indeed for the general public. I could see this being viewed by trustees and board members of cultural heritage organizations as well as by business people. In each case, it would be a fun way of teaching them about digital preservation. One might even approach this as "hey, I'm going to show this to our staff, but wanted you to see it first as an FYI." (With the implication that they don't need to see it -- they know this stuff, right?! -- but should view it so they know what they staff will be viewing. Of course, while they are smiling at the cartoon, they'll be learning.)

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