Friday, May 22, 2009

Conversants & T is for Training

As announced here in March, there is a hybrid conference this year called Conversants. Conversants recognizes that we learn through conversations. Conversants is meant to be a conversation among library workers about libraries, with specific topic conversations being hosted both online and in person. One such conversation will happen on June 5 during the T is for Training podcast. That edition of T is for Training will focus on the topic "How to model appropriate and innovative use of technologies in libraries." The event is open to anyone who would like to participate on the call (voice) or in chat.

To participate live on June 5, anyone can call-in to the podcast or participate in the online chat during the show. Here is the show's site on TalkShoe, which it uses to facilitate the podcast. You do not have to have a TalkShoe account in order to participate. The resultant podcast will be available for download via the "T is for Training" web site, where comments -- and a continued conversation -- will be encouraged.

About How to model appropriate and innovative use of technologies in libraries: T is for Training's primary podcast participants and audience are those involved in library technology training. We interact both with library staff members and users, and help the understand and adopt new technologies. However, learning -- and information transfer -- doesn't just happen in the classroom; in happens every moment of every day. How can we model the use of technology for our constituents? How can our actions help them use innovative technologies? What does that mean for us and our technology use and adoption? What are the pros, cons, concerns and benefits?

I'm looking forward to June 5 and hope that you'll join in live or listen to the podcast after the fact.

Below is the keynote speech (57 min.) that R. David Lankes recorded for Conversants. I had the pleasure of being in the room with about 40 others when he recorded it, and he truly energized the room. (This is on the Conversants' Ning site, in addition to other background information.)

They Named the Building After Us: The Library as Conversation from R. David Lankes on Vimeo.

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