Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tessella's Safety Deposit Box (SDB)

I received a press release from Tessella about its Archiving & Digital Preservation Solution called Safety Deposit Box (SDB). In the press releasse, Dr. Robert Sharpe, Tessella’s head of Digital Archiving Solutions, is quoted as saying:
Tessella has been working on advanced digital archiving solutions for many years, alongside some of the world’s most farsighted archiving organizations. In partnership with the UK National Archives, Tessella developed the Safety Deposit Box (SDB) to help confront the problem of digital preservation. The core SDB software has been in use at the UK National Archives for four years, and has recently been significantly enhanced as part of their Seamless Flow programme. Other users of SDB include Arkib Negara (Malaysia), the British Library, and the Schweizerisches Bundesarchiv (Swiss Federal Archives).

The web site doesn't really give many details about the product. If anyone has experience with this product, I'd like to hear your comments on it.

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Anonymous said...

There is more information here:
and here:
Tessella will also be at the ICA in Malaysia next week demoing the system. If we can provide any more info please don't hestitate to get in touch.
Jon Tilbury
Tessella Director

Anonymous said...


We partnered Tessella UK in providing the archiving solution to the National Archives of Malaysia.

The archiving solution not only provides for digital archiving with active preservation features, it is also integrated to the National Archives' TRIM records management system. The archiving solution embeds digital records from the records management and actively renders the records archived to the system to the latest format such that users will be able to read them downstream.

At the recent ICA in Malaysia, it was reviewed by quite a few people at our booth.

As per Jon's post, if there is a need to demo this, we will be glad to provide that.

Bill Cheng
Versapac Director