Friday, July 18, 2008

Ribbon scanning

I picked up literature from nextScan at the SLA exhibit booth and noticed the phrase "ribbon scanning." From a nextScan case study:
Ribbon Scanning...enables the user to capture a whole roll of film as one image...there are no scanning bottlenecks, frame jumping issues or lost images.
Dividing the long image into different "pages" occurs during post-processing.

I wonder about dpi and file sizes? Has anyone does a head-to-head comparison with a more traditional microfilm scanning machine?

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Anonymous said...

We have tried the NextScan scanner and the DPI is good but it uses a lot of space because it creates several ribbons of various "levels", (seven to be exact). A typical duplex roll of negative 35mm film after scanning is about a 25GB .rib file. We output jpeg and tiff images and the jpegs come out better without any filtering.