Thursday, January 17, 2008

Event: The Second Digital Preservation Challenge

From the Digital-Preservation email list.

The Second Digital Preservation Challenge Sponsored in part by XEROX

Digital Preservation Europe is delighted to announce its second international Digital Preservation Challenge.

About the Digital Preservation Challenge: DigitalPreservationEurope (DPE) raises awareness and improves practice in the management, longevity, and reuse of digital assets. To this end, DPE is delighted to announce the second international Digital Preservation Challenge. The Digital Preservation Challenge aims to promote innovation at all levels and will provide an insight into the range of digital preservation risks currently being faced by international research and practitioner communities.

The challenge invites participants to overcome the barriers hindering access to five digital objects. Each set of objects is accompanied by a highly abstracted scenario based on real-life situations. These scenarios are intended to make the challenge more accessible to participants from all backgrounds while not trivialising the serious nature of the digital preservation challenges facing society.

The first DPE Digital Preservation Challenge ran from 25 May to 15 July 2007, Miguel Ferreira of the University of Minho, Portugal, who was awarded the first prize commented:
The problems proposed in the challenge made me realize how diverse preservation scenarios can be and how difficult it is to find good sources of information, tools and services for carrying out preservation interventions. The challenge also made me realize how specific and time-consuming preservation interventions can be and how difficult is to find good and general solutions applicable to all sorts of preservation
Evaluating submissions: Submissions to the second Digital Preservation Challenge will be assessed by a panel of international digital preservation experts and practitioners. The incremental scoring method the panel will use emphasises the thoroughness and quality of the documentation of the processes used to solve a challenge task rather than the overall outcome
itself. In this respect, solutions to single tasks or sections of the challenge will also be considered and it may be possible for an individual to win the challenge even if he/she cannot ultimately render all the objects. Winning submissions to the Digital Preservation Challenge will be published on the DPE website following the announcement of the winning entries.

Important dates:
  • Opening of the Challenge: 15 January 2008
  • Deadline for submissions: 30 May 2008 at 4pm GMT
  • Announcement of winners: ECDL 17 September 2008, Aarhus, Denmark
  • First Prize 3000 Euros
  • Second Prize 1500 Euros
  • Third Prize 500 Euros

To learn more about or to take part in the Digital Preservation Challenge,
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