Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Digitizing three-dimensional objects

A commenter on this post asked how three-dimensional object can be digitized. Many will use a digital camera to create a two-dimensional representation of the object, and that may suffice in most instances. However, a quick search shows that there are ways of actually creating a three-dimensional image of an object. I found quickly both a book chapter and two pieces of equipment:
Did I find the definitive, best information and equipment? Likely not. Did I find equipment that you might consider? I don't know. But what I did find quickly was information that doing three-dimensional digitization is possible AND that it is being done. I would suspect that the equipment is very specialized and expensive, therefore, this is not something that everyone would do.

If you have something exceptional that you want people to be able to "walk around", you might consider panoramic virtual reality photos, like 360VR does (example). Okay...that maybe overkill, but pretty interesting, huh?!

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Anonymous said...

With the risk of sounding too commercial, please see our website at www.directdimensions.com for a lot of information about how we've been providing a wide variety of 3D scanning services for a very long time to a very wide range of industries. Another resource is www.simple3d.com.

Michael at info@dirdim.com

Ellen said...

In 2006 the Becker Medical Library completed a demonstration project creating 3D digital representations of small and medium sized artifacts.
The project web site - Exploring Object Virtual Reality (http://beckerexhibits.wustl.edu/3D/index.html) - features Object VR interactive "movies" of historic hearing devices and a How-To guide.

Hanna Samuel said...
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