Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blog posts on book digitization

Today I finally went back through old blog posts, located ones on book digitization, and added a label to them (book) that will allow them to be found more quickly. I did think because I do receive emails and phone calls about book digitization, and I wanted to be able to point people easily to a group of blog posts on the topic. Did I find every blog post that should be in this category? Likely not, so I'll try to find time to skim back through the blog and recategorize more posts.

BTW this did mean that I had to create a new label for "book recommendations," which might get more things added to it, too.

One of the things I learned at Internet Librarian in October 2007 is that we generally do not use enough tags (post). And although I know that I still not do use enough tags, I have to admit that it can be time-consuming, since I use both labels (a feature of Blogspot) and Technorati tags. And do you really want a ga-zillion labels (categories) on the left side of this blog?


elm said...

I very new to all of this but in my research, I keep running into your blog - thank you! I need, to quickly, do some queries in the Denver area to outsource a small digitization and database creation project for naturalization records housed in the U.S. District Court. Can you help me figure out who/how to outsoure, where to find reputable companies in the area that might perform this work? Any help you could provide or direction you can offer would be fantastic!

Jill Hurst-Wahl said...

Dear Elm,

Yes, I can give you pointers to resources. Please email me at hurst {at} hurstassociates {dot} com so we can discuss.