Sunday, December 16, 2007

Researching the North Country Writing Competition

Are you looking for a way to promote your digitized materials? You might take some clues from the Northern New York Library Network which is sponsoring the Research the North Country Writing Competition. The purpose of the competition is:
to encourage original research concerning the people, places, and institutions of Northern New York. Participants are particularly encouraged to make use of the collections of libraries, archives, and other cultural resources in the region as primary resource materials.
And what materials are available for entrants?
Primary source research materials are available throughout the region, and many may found on-line through the Northern New York Library Network's website. Names and locations of academic and public libraries are available at Libraries in NNY; town/village/county historian information may be found through the Directory of Archival and Historical Document Collections; and electronic resources focusing on the region can be found at NNY Historical Newspapers [digitized materials] and North Country Digital History [digitized materials].
Very cool!

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