Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Blog: Mass Digitization -- changing copyright law and policy

Last week, Georgia Harper completed a six-week experiment which resulted in seven posts (chapters), which are a draft for a paper on the effects of mass digitization projects on copyright law and policy. The sections are:
  1. The effect of mass digitization projects on copyright law and policy
  2. All quiet on the legislative front, while business is rockin'
  3. Will Google Book Search change anything?
  4. Ok, Ok -- DRM and long terms were a big mistake; now what?
  5. Search engines make sense of our massively digitized world, and make good law in the process
  6. Rescuing orphans from obscurity
  7. Conclusion
Harper encourages people to read the posts as well as to look at the Resource List. Of course, commenting is appreciated! (She only received three comments, although many, many page views.)

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