Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Articles on long-term file access and digital preservation

A conversation occurred on the IMAGELIB discussion list back in August that yielded pointers to several articles related long-term file access and digital preservation. Although most are likely familiar already, this seemed to be a good opportunity to create a mini-resource list. it is. (Sorry it has taken me so long to type up.) If anyone has others to add, please leave a comment. Thanks!

Media Choices for the Preservation of Digital Documents
, 9 pages (PDF), July 2005
Tim Au Yeung. Manager, Digital Object Repository Technologies, University of Calgary

The Digital Black Hole, 14 pages (PDF), (no date, but seems to be early 2006)
Jonas Palm. Director, Head of Department of Preservation, Riksarkivet/National Archives

Digital Imaging in Conservation: File Storage, AIC News, 10 pages (PDF), January 2006
Tim Vitale. Paper, Photographs & Electronic Media Conservator, Preservation Associates

Digital Image File Formats –TIFF, JPEG, JPEG2000, RAW and DNG, 45 pages (PDF), July 2007
Tim Vitale. Paper, Photographs & Electronic Media Conservator, Preservation Associates
{Please follow link in ADDENDUM below for additional information on this article.}

The Relative Stabilities of Optical Disc Formats
, Restaurator, 17 pages (PDF), 2005
Joe Iraci. Senior Conservation Scientist, Canadian Conservation Institute

Disk Failure Investigations at the Internet Archive, 4 pages (PDF), 2006
Thomas Schwarz, et al.

JPEG2000 for Digital Preservation, 1 page, 2007
Peter Murray. Assistant Director, New Service Development, OhioLINK

ADDENDUM (10/4/2007): Please read this follow-up post for additional/important information.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Jill,

This is a great list. Perhaps the Google study on hard drives is also relevant:



Jill Hurst-Wahl said...

Richard, yes, that is a good one to add. And checking my archives -- which I hadn't done -- I think we might add these to the list too:

The Digital Ice Age, Predicting the Life Expectancy of Modern Tape and Optical Media, and Actualized Preservation Threats.