Monday, October 22, 2007

And thank goodness for LOCKSS (more about RLG DigiNews)

Vicky Reich, Director LOCKSS Program, contacted me to say that RLG DigiNews has been preserved by LOCKSS Alliance Members. As the LOCKSS (lots of copies keeps stuff safe) web site says: [emphasis added]
From The Editors. "For more than a decade, RLG DigiNews provided a reliable source of current information about developments and research results in digital imaging and digital preservation from an applied and problem-solving perspective. The content included in-depth articles describing innovative approaches, providing lessons learned, and recommending next steps; FAQs on organizational and technological topics; highlighted websites on emerging technologies and trends; and special features like conference reports and document reviews. This bi-weekly online publication documented the milestones and progress of an emergent digital preservation community, from shortly after the publication of the seminal 1996 report, "Preserving Digital Information," forward. When we announced that RLG DigiNews would be transitioning into a redesigned OCLC publication, we received numerous notes from readers, many of whom expressed concern about the future of existing content, much of which is of ongoing interest to and actively linked to by educators, students, practitioners, and researchers engaged in lifecycle aspects of the digital cultural heritage. Given their interest in long-term availability and our own, we were very pleased to be contacted by the UK Open LOCKSS team about preserving RLG DigiNews and we enthusiastically embraced meeting the publisher requirements for adding content to LOCKSS. We hope that you will add RLG DigiNews to your LOCKSS box." Robin Dale, Associate Editor, 1997-2007; Anne R. Kenney, Editor/Co-Editor, 1997-2007; Nancy Y. McGovern, Co-Editor, 2001-2006
Vicky noted that the materials are saved in a LOCKSS box just as they were published and with the same URLs. If you are unfamiliar with LOCKSS (lots of copies keeps stuff safe), check out this page.

So here we have a valuable asset in the digitization community being preserved using one of the digital preservation strategies that was surely mentioned in the journal! Very cool!

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Aaron Tan said...

Hi Jill, you may want to note that there is a new initiative called WebCitations ( that does the same thing for Web citations. Journal authors can submit their web citations to be preserved for a persistent URI that they can use in their references, addressing the issue of broken links over time.