Monday, September 03, 2007

My Sept. - Dec. speaking schedule: Can we do coffee?

Now that we have come to the unofficial end of summer (Labor Day), the workshop and conference schedule for every group heats up, and that means that my travel schedule is heating up too. My complete schedule is on the left side of this blog, with new events being added frequently.

Digitization related presentations and workshops include:
  • Sept. 5 & 12: Planning Digitization Projects (done in two parts), Jamestown, NY
  • Sept. 18: Developing Digitization Projects, Fairport, NY
  • Oct. 19: Gearing Up! Digitization 101, Tallahassee, FL
  • Oct. 29: Federated Searching Feedback: Walking the Talk?, Monterey, CA (Internet Librarian)
  • Nov. 7: Copyright Basics, Jamestown, NY
The workshops in Jamestown are part of a project I'm doing with Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System.

Over the last two years, I've become known for talking about social networking tools in a way that "makes sense" to those who wonder what the big deal is. This summer, my workshops on Second Life have indeed taken on a life of their own. Here is a list of the workshops and presentations I'm giving this fall on social networking tools:
  • Sept. 8: Social Networking Tools: Connecting with your clients & colleagues 21st century style, Rochester, NY
  • Sept. 19: Using Social Networking Tools at Work, Binghamton, NY
  • Sept. 27: Social Networking for Special Librarians, Connecticut (Exact location TBA)
  • Oct. 17: Social Networking Tools, Buffalo, NY (NYLA)
  • Oct. 27: Libraries on the MUVE in Second Life, Monterey, CA (Internet Librarian)
  • Oct. 30: Building Communities in Second Life, Monterey, CA (Internet Librarian)
  • Nov. 6: Introduction to Second Life, Buffalo, NY
  • Nov. 16: Introduction to Second Life, Potsdam, NY
  • Dec. 11: Introduction to Second Life, Rochester, NY
For more information any of these events, please contact me or the sponsoring organization. If you are at any of these events, I hope we get an opportunity to chat or even to set an have a cup of coffee. It would be great to be able to sit and talk about whatever is on your mind.

I can hear you ask, "What do social networking tools and Second Life have to do with digitization?" Social networking tools allow us to be a hyperlinked group of people engaged in many conversations. We can converse with -- and learn from -- each other (colleagues), companies that sell products we're interested in, and our users (or prospective users). Many digitization programs are incorporating social networking tools into their planning processing and even into their completed products (web sites).

For me, social networking tools have expanded my network, thus allowing me to interact with more people. These tools have become a critical component of how I communicate with others. They've allowed me to use better/faster ways of exchanging information, obtaining needed answers, and just keeping in touch.

Second Life may portent what our interface to the Internet will look like in the future -- or not! It is does provide a place for exchanging ideas, creating prototypes, and experimenting with different technologies. I do hope that how we might view digitized collections in the future will be influenced by how exhibits can be currently mounted in Second Life.

So amazingly enough, it does all tie together!

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