Sunday, September 09, 2007

What I learned from Pavarotti about collaborations

A friend emailed me today about a YouTube video of Pavarotti and James Brown performing together. That led me to a video of Pavarotti and Barry White...and then of him singing with Bono. Pavarotti used his collaborations to expand the number of people who heard opera music. He believed that the more people that heard it, the better.

We know that collaborations can make our projects stronger and more durable. The lesson we should learn from Pavarotti is that collaborations also give us a way of telling more people about what we do and why. Collaborations can help us broaden the number of people who support our projects and who might advocate on our behalf.

Undoubtedly, Luciano Pavarotti used collaborations to open people's ears and eyes. Let us do the same.

BTW -- I've used this photo from Flickr twice which has a Creative Commons license on it. Now I see that the same photo is posted Flickr in at least two different accounts, so I'm not sure who really owns the rights to it. If there is a problem with my use, I hope someone will alert me so I can remove it.

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Gil Magno said...

Eulogy for Luciano Pavarotti

I sorrow over this great artist's death.

Listening to him throughout my life gave me the impetus to move forward in my career as a vocal coach. His life has been a great music lesson to me.

His curious combination of human depth, child-like innocence and unpretentiousness brought him to the position of being one of the greatest artists who ever lived; for, since his beginnings, he kept himself in tune with the universal chord of life-love-light that forever embraces all humanity.

Yes, he is gone. But ultimately he won the game of life; for his artistic contributions have won for him a position in the hierarchy of the universe.

turaso said...

I love Pavarotti's stunning voice, too!

He contributed to charity as well.

Pavarotti annually hosted the "Pavarotti and Friends" charity concerts in his home town of Modena in Italy, joining with singers from all parts of the music industry, including Elton John, Sting, Bono and Sheryl Crowl.

Of course, I watched James Brown & Pavarotti in You Tube! Visit my blog:

It's really amazing!