Thursday, July 26, 2007

When a blog moves to a new URL, it can be difficult to know where it went to. moved this month from its home at NYU to its new home at Institute for the Future of the Book (IF:Book). Its chief blogger, Siva Vaidhyanathan is now on the faculty of the University of Virginia faculty and has been appointed the first fellow of the IF:book. (Hence the change in URL.) IF:Book noted that:

Siva is one of just a handful of writers to have leveled a consistent and coherent critique of Google's expansionist policies, arguing not from the usual kneejerk copyright conservatism that has dominated the debate but from a broader cultural and historical perspective: what does it mean for one company to control so much of the world's knowledge?

mmm...criticizing Google?!

At any rate, Sivacracy (which is team blog) often touches on topics that may be of interest to those curious about some of the broader issues that can impact digitization. If you're unfamiliar with the blog, feel free to take a peek at it.

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