Thursday, July 05, 2007

Event: INFuture2007: Digital Information and Heritage, Nov. 7 - 9, 2007 (Croatia)

According to the web site:
INFuture 2007: "Digital Information and Heritage" is the first in a series of INFuture conferences with the focus on digitisation and preservation in the heritage domain. The conferences provide a forum for information professionals who plan and design information systems for cultural heritage collections to discuss issues of relevant standards, creating policies or training.
An announcement has gone out that the summary submission deadline has been extended to August 20, 2007. As the email message said:
The scope of the Conference includes, but is not limited to the following topics:
  • Digitisation
  • e-Heritage and Preservation
  • e-Infrastructure
  • Identity in Electronic Environment and its Preservation
  • Information Science Education
  • Document Management in Business Applications and e-Government
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