Monday, October 02, 2006

Off-topic: Thinking about getting another degree?

Occasionally I run into someone who is thinking about getting another advanced degree (or just an advanced degree, period). The person always feels that another degree will help his/her marketability and that may be true. I always think, though, of the time and cost associated with "one more degree" and play devil's advocate. Is the person sure it will be worth it? Are there other ways of achieving the same goal? Will another degree make the person over-qualified?

If you ever find yourself with thoughts of going back to school, a colleague of mine recommends this book Getting What You Came For: The Smart Student's Guide to Earning a Master's or a Ph.D.. I haven't read it, but he -- someone who did get his Ph.D. -- believes it is well worth reading before taking the plunge. I just recommended it to a fairly new MLS, who is thinking of getting a Ph.D. in order to become more marketable in business...

10/5/2006: The Geeky Artist Librarian has a nice follow-up post on this here.

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Anonymous said...

well, i'm already here. i'll look for this book and see if i need to change my mind =)

but seriously, the biggest difficulty i'm having right now is the weather, so i guess i'm not in such a bad situation.

off-topic comment on off-topic post: i just saw the "information outlook" feature on you via the sla-it blog. this is a bit late, but congratulations!