Monday, July 31, 2006

Are you reading Digitization 101 using Bloglet?

Bloglet was a great tool when it I first discovered it, but other tools have since come along that are much better. The biggest problem with Bloglet is that will sense a problem with the blog and stop delivering content to readers. And it will not correct or fix itself (or even alert me that there is a problem). So when a problem occurs, you might go without seeing any new content for days or weeks, until I stumble into Bloglet and see that it is broken. Other services are much better at fixing themselves and ensuring that readers do not miss content.

So if you are reading any blogs using Bloglet, consider changing to Feedburner, Bloglines or another RSS reader. Feedburner will deliver blog content directly to you via e-mail and it is free. Bloglines can deliver content to you in a couple of ways. I use Bloglines to read/monitor more than 100 blogs/RSS feeds and really like its features. And Bloglines is also free. Of course, you might already be using an RSS reader that you like, so why not add Digitization 101 to it?

Remember that most blog/RSS readers will automatically find the RSS feed for any blog. However, just in case there is no doubt -- the RSS feed for Digitization 101 can be found at

Finally, I write new content for Digitization 101 nearly every day. That means that you should see five new blog postings per week and often more. If you are not seeing Digitization 101 blog postings on a regular basis from your blog/RSS reader, the saying goes "Houston, we have a problem." (A quote from the movie Apollo 13.)

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