Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Philippine Declaration of Independence

One July 4, Von at Filipino Librarian mentioned the Philippine Declaration of Independence which was signed by Harry S. Truman on the same date in 1946. Von noted that a translation of the Philippine Declaration of Independence was only available on a school site and not on a government web site. The image of the Declaration that he pointed to resides on the University of Michigan web site. Von ended his post by wondering why his country has neglected to make this document available online in a ways -- and in places -- that others can access it. Since then, Von has done a side-by-side arrangement of two translations of the Declaration for people to read.

I applaud Von for his efforts. I know that he has any say in the matter, more historic materials from the Philippines will be digitized and made available. Hopefully others will join his effort.

So here is a question for us all to ponder. What historic documents from our countries should be available online? Have the images already been created? If yes, can people find them and use them?

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vonjobi said...

thanks for noticing my post. writing about it actually gave me an idea of what i can do for some projects while i'm at school =)