Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Scanning 230 - 460 pages per minute

We tend to think of how many items can be digitized in an hour and forgot that for many projects, but when digitizing "“office documents"” then it is how many can be scanned in a minute that is important.

InoTec GmbH produces scanner that can do 230 sheets (or 460 pages in duplex) per minute at 200 dpi. Cost? I don't see a cost listed and I doubt that the scanner is inexpensive. With that type of throughput, there is a lot of technology and innovation involved. [The SCAMAX 510 will even detect a "double feed" and stop, as well as work to ensure that double feeds are raroccurrenceses.]

I find that kind of throughput absolutely amazing and necessary for many of the non-library projects that are occurring. Let's hope that beneficial pieces of that technology finds its way into equipment that is being used on non-office documents.

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Anonymous said...

Kodak produces a similar device, although it "only" runs at a speed of 160 sheets per minute (320 duplex). What's interesting with the Kodak product is that it can produce both a grayscale/color and bitonal image output at the same time.


I have seen many of the Kodaks at work in larger service bureaus, the speed is spectacular. I believe the Kodak i840 starts at around the $60,000 mark, however these are designed for continuous 24/7 use (unlimited duty cycle).

Both the Kodak and the InoTec use ultrasonic sensors to detect when more than one page starts to feed.