Monday, May 22, 2006

List of digital library projects

I have not done much exploring in this, but enough to know that it should be bookmarked and kept as a possible resource when needed. You might want to do the same.

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Y said...

Excellent call on the List of Digital Library Projects! A bit of exploration on this wikipedia entry seems to indicate that Stephen Gilbert is the originator.
From Wikipedia user page: "I'm an Anglican-flavoured Christian with a BA in Communication Studies. I am not the subject of this article. My interests are varied.I've been a Wikipedian since the project was just a wee little thing, only two months old. I'm now mostly inactive, although I still pop by once and a while and have been known to work on the occasional article."

Gilbert's bio (last updated 14 Nov 2005) includes invitation to correspond with him through his "personal pages scattered across various other wikis" as well as via:
ICQ: 3787512
AIM: StephGlbrt

The point is that Gilbert has established a wiki where anyone can list a ditized project -- and should.