Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Turning pages in an online journal

A student (Elizabeth) found this on the ARLIS discussion list and it is "way cool." Here is technology that allows you to view a bound document online in a way that seems very natural. You can turn the pages, take notes, add bookmarks, and more. If you download the document (file) and save it on your PC, you still have the same features.

Intrigued? Look at the May 2005 issue of Managing Automation to see how this technology from NXTbook Book Media works. The company's client list is impressive.

Yes, some of these features are available in e-book readers. This, however, works without downloading a separate reader. And imagine marrying this with a digitized book? I can!

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Anonymous said...

...and development doesnt stop there. Dorothy Perkins have just started releasing their online catalog in an online viewer. Have a look at