Friday, April 01, 2005

Minolta book scanners

Back in March, there were postings on the Archives discussion list about book scanners. The Minolta scanners were mentioned.

The PS5000C is a face-up publications scanner. It handles normal sized "books" and has an optional cradle to ensure that the bindings are not harmed. The scanner will scan one page in 3.4 seconds. According to information found on the Internet, this scanner may cost $12,000.

The PS7000 is also a face-up publications scanner and can handle oversized materials. It has a built-in book cradle. This machine will scan a page in 4.5 seconds. The manuals for this scanner are available on its web site. (Could be interesting reading...)

Since both scanners rely on an operator for turning pages, etc., the number of pages scanned per hour will be dependent on that person.


Bob Bastian said...

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Anonymous said...

This scanner has some issues with color scans from magazines. The light inside the scanning room also has a huge affect as well.