Saturday, September 04, 2004

What do others know about your digitization work?

If you are involved in creating, managing or preserving digital assets, what have you told others about your work? Do they know what you do? Do they know of your successes or your failures (...lessons learned...)? Do they know how you could help them? Have you written any articles? Published information on processes, etc., on your web site? Have you taught someone what you learned from your work?

Why not?

It is important that we not only do digitization projects, but that we teach others what we have learned from those projects. We need to talk about what worked well and what we wish we had done differently. And any documentation that we create, especially if it talks about what we wish we had done, is valuable to others.

Consider this...many of the digitization projects that stand out to us are those that have taken the time to talk about (and share) what they have learned. It becomes one of the ways that they market their projects and attract users.

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