Thursday, September 16, 2004

Digital photography

I own a digital camera and have become quite accustomed to taking pictures with it. I haven't used a film-based camera in years and can't imagine using one. Digital photography has displaced film in many areas. It offers many advantages including cost. A professional photographer, for example, can take more photos at an event without drastically impacting the cost to the client. However, with film-based cameras, every photo taken increased the cost to the client.

The advantage of digital photography that I really enjoy is being able to see the photos right away. This has allowed me to take better photos and build my "photography" confidence.

When you digitize, you enjoy many of the same benefits as when you use a digital camera. (In fact, some digitization is done with a digital camera.) However, the biggest things to remember is that you can keep on creating images until you -- the person doing the digitization -- get it right. The impact is only in the time you spend. And -- of course -- as you digitize more items (or re-digitize items to get them correct) you are learning and improving your technique, and building your confidence.

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