Friday, September 24, 2004

Learning how to blog (a personal posting)

I am rapidly coming up the blog learning curve. This blog now as some extra features that help both me and you (the reader), such as the e-mail update feature. And as I add these things. which are mostly available for free, I am seeing how the interact with each other. The results have not always been as expected! For example, although the blogging site allows me to save draft versions of my postings, the e-mail update feature sees those drafts as being real and e-mails them to people who are getting the updates. But then when they try to read the full posting, there is nothing on the blog site (because I've saved them as drafts). Hopefully my growing pains are not painful for you.

I would hope that you'll give me feedback on the blog. Tell me what you like, what you'd like to see changed, and -- of course -- what topics you'd like to see covered under the broad topics of digitization and competitive intelligence. As the TV sitcom character Fraser used to say, "I'm listening."

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