Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vendor news

I don't include a lot of vendor news in this blog, except if it really peeks my interest. Here, though, are a few things you might want to know:

Blogs --
  • Atiz, who manufactures and sells book scanners, has a blog,
  • Sol Lederman continues to blog about federated search at Lederman has really found his stride and is blogging constantly about federated search. This blog is not geared towards one specific vendor's product.
  • MuseGlobal CEO Kate Noerr's is blogging about federal search at (calling MUSEings)
  • Vivisimo is blogging about search at
  • One blog that has floundered is Peter McCracken's blog for Serials Solution at McCracken was co-founder of Serials Solutions and is now Director of Research at Serials Solution, which is owned by ProQuest. Too bad.
Deals --
  • I saw in email this morning that OCLC is offering a summer deal on microfilm digitization.
If you are going to outsource any digitization work, remember talk to your vendors about what they can do for you. Are they offering any deals? Can the work be bundled in a specific way in other to make the cost a bit better? I know, I know...we're all horrible negotiators, but you may be surprised what a few questions will get you.

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