Tuesday, October 30, 2007

IL2007: Second Life, part one

This morning, there were two sessions on Second Life and virtual worlds.
  • Lori Bell spoke about what virtual worlds are, why we (librarians) are in Second Life. She also talked briefly about librarians getting involved in another virtual world geared for children called Whyville.
  • Shawn McCann spoke about being an Immersive (Gaming) Librarian.
  • Jeremy Kemp gave a presentation about the work San Jose State University is doing in SL.
  • I (Jill Hurst-Wahl) spoke about the tools needed to build virtual communities [presentation]
  • JJ Jacobson talked about supporting communities in a virtual world and specifically groups were role-playing is important (e.g., an idealized Victorian community). [presentation]
  • Kate Fitz, a law librarian, gave an interesting presentation on the work she is doing in SL as well as some of the legal issues that have been raised about SL. [presentation will be here]
  • Rosemary Arneson is an academic librarian who talked about the work her library is doing in SL and what she'd like to do in the future. One thing she wants to build is a virtual wetlands/swamp to highlight that type of environment and teach why they need to be saved.
  • Michael Sauers talked about some of the issues/problems/concerns with SL. We tend to say that it is all "rosey", but it isn't.
The audience asked good questions, both publicly and privately. I think people got a lot out of the presentations and hearing from people who are using SL (and who are willing to point out concerns).

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