Monday, July 16, 2007

Article: Library gives up on Killebrew photos

As the article states:

Half a million photographic negatives documenting Rocky Mount from the 1940s to the 1990s sit dormant in subzero temperatures in a Raleigh storage room.

Braswell Memorial Library's ambition to convert the Charles S. Killebrew collection into digital images outpaced its funding, resources and ability.

The collection is too massive for Braswell to store or convert to digital images, said Traci Thompson, Braswell's local history and genealogy librarian.

"We have the ability to do maybe a small digitization project, but not a large project like this," Thompson said. "I think that it just wasn't realized at first how large the collection was and how much room was needed."

Part of the problem is administering contract that the library has to sign with Charles S. Killebrew. Read the full article for the details.

The library says the acquisition of these negatives was good one, but that it just can't create the needed partnership at the moment in order to get them digitized. With this information now out on the Internet, I wonder if a partner will emerge that can help with with the digitization and contract administration?

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