Sunday, November 06, 2016

NYLA2016 : Marissa Richardson - I Got the Job! Now What?

PoppiesMarissa Richardson provided information on the decisions one needs to make after accepting a job offer and before starting that position, as well as a few for those first few months in the position.  She noted that 6.9 million people move for work each year, so you are not alone in this activity.
Some of the questions one needs to ask, should actually be asked before accepting the position:
  • Are the salary and benefits appropriate and will that salary work for you?  Use to look up salaries and see what you should be paid. Consider if you are willing to negotiate.
  • What is the cost of living for the place you're going to move to?  Use a cost of living calculator.  There is one at and there are others.  Be honest about what you can "live with" and what you can "live without."  What is truly important to you?  What are the things that support your lifestyle?
  • Do you need to account for a partner or family?  How will that impact the offer and the move?
  • Does your new employer offer a moving allowance?  If not, how will you get yourself and your stuff there?
  • Is the political climate in your prospective new home amenable to you? 
If you get to your new job and location, and are having a hard time adjusting, consider seeking support.  Check the National Alliance on Mental Illness web site for resources,

Overall Richardson asked us to consider our options and be open to new experiences.   She advocate for self-care along the way. Finally, she noted that if the new position is not what you expected, you should consider your options.  Rather than staying in a position that is not suited to you, you should consider it a stop on your journey and move on.

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