Monday, April 27, 2015

CILDC : EBSCO eBook Trending (lunch meeting)

EBSCO - EBook trending

Business model options
  • Direct purchase
  • Subscription
  • Patron driven acquisition
  • Concurrent access
How are business model options trending?

Then... 18 months ago:
  1. Subscriptions
  2. Purchase
  3. Other
  • Subscription and purchase continue to grow.  Other models are shrinking.
  • More subscription and purchase models.
  • Patron drive purchase is trending relatively well.  Not as positive as subscription and purchase.
Not trending: (negative trending)
  • PDA short term loan
  • PDa loan to own
  • PDA concurrent access
  • Concurrent access
Short term loan direction
  • Price increases
  • Embargoes (1-5 years)
CAM/Non linear lending
  • Limited participation 
  • Not participating
  • Fully supports all models
  • Exploring new models
Should use more volatile models selectively.

EBSCO subscription
  • Large predefined collections
  • All unlimited use
  • Subscriptions rate is a small fraction of purchase price
What is the latest with ebook technology and formats?
  • ePub
    • More optimal end user experience
    • An open standard
    • Allows for flexibility in terms of embedded content
    • Most widely adopted ebook format
    • EBSCO offers 120000 ePub titles
      • Growing rapidly
      • ePub & PDF dual delivery 
      • Moving from EPub2 to ePub3 - ePub3 better handles non-Roman languages
  • Full text quality
    • Extensive production quality control 
    • True full text, not scanned images
    • Crisp, clear, high quality full text
    • Fully searchable, read aloud technology
User experience - Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  • Continue to work towards a more relaxed DRM
  • Trying to be responsible and coordinate with publisher partners
  • Trying to push publishers to relax DRM
User experience - recent
  • Concurrent user level in Detail record
  • Dual delivery - ePub and PDF
User experience - forthcoming

  • Adding publisher permission info to the detail record
  • Offline: mobile app
  • Online: ebook viewer redesign
    • Includes full text display without a browser plug-in
    • Updated search within feature
    • Automatic including citations in copied text
    • Scroll option for PDFs
  • Single sign-on - at some point will work with EZ proxy
Year end money & ebooks
  • Consider subject sets

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