Tuesday, July 17, 2012

SLA2012: The Future is Now!

Cloud Gate, SLA2012 As a member of the SLA Board of Directors, my conference started on Saturday with a full-day Board meeting, where we reviewed what is going on in the Association and discussed the future. The Annual Conference and the Leadership Summit are now the two times each year where the Board meets face-to-face. We also meet monthly via conference call and that allows us to address new business in a timely fashion.

Sunday was the open Board meeting where other members of the Association are able to attend, hear reports and ask questions. That was a three hour meeting and it was good to see the members that made time to attend and to ask questions.

My afternoon was spent in other meetings and then I attended the open session. The photos below are from that.

Brent Mai and Daniel Lee, SLA2012 New SLA Fellows, SLA2012 Guy Kawasaki, SLA2012
I'll have notes later about Guy Kawasaki's keynote speech. Did it relate to libraries, information centers, associations, etc.? Yes, very much so!

Today is already Tuesday and it will be another hot day in Chicago and a good day at the conference. If you are here, I hope that you'll stop me and say "hi!"

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