Wednesday, June 27, 2012


On Monday, one of the HighEdWeb Association regional conferences was held in Syracuse.  HighEdWeb Syracuse attracted people from across New York State as well as other regions.  There were even three people from South Africa.  (They are in the States for other events and decided to come to this too.)   Who attended this conference?  People that are marketing and web professionals in higher education.  The talks would have been appropriate for library professionals, too, and so I hope that the conference is marketed to librarians last year.  (I'm pleased that a few LIS students were able to attend.)

One of the threads through the day was on creating content that is accessible and relevant.  This sounds very simple, but it isn't.  Getting the message right takes work!   

Many of the presentations have been added to EDUniverseEventifier archived the tweets, photos and other content.  Marie Evans did a good summary blog post of the event (which she had crashed!).

I gave the opening keynote, which I was told set the stage perfectly for the day.  My slides are below.

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