Thursday, March 03, 2011

Google Art Project

One of my students found this program and it is impressive.  Imagine being able to walk through an art museum without physically being there?  That is what Google allows you to do.  Google used its street view technology to make this happen.  While street view isn't the easiest thing to use, it does give you a capability not found elsewhere.  Go ahead...try it out!

Since reading my student's blog post, Kenneth Crews has also blogged about the Google Art Project from a copyright perspective.  My student has also followed up with a blog post about copyright and terms of use in regards to the program. 

While I'm thrilled that Google has done this, I do wonder about its motives.  Is this just a cool use of street view? Is this an experiment (project) or something that Google will truly stick with (program)?  Is Google purposefully expanding its domain/reach?  And...what is the catch?  mmm....

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