Tuesday, March 22, 2011

CIL2011: Random Thoughts

The Computers in Libraries Conference (CIL) is back in the Washington Hilton after fives years at the Hyatt in Crystal City, VA.  When the conference moved to Crystal City, people mourned for the Dupont Circle ares of DC and familiar territory.  Then we got used to Crystal City and the Hyatt. Now we must become reacquainted with the Hilton and Dupont Circle.  For example, the Hyatt's lobby and bar area was great for lobbycon (the informal conference in the lobby).  The Hilton's lobby is much more upscale and isn't conducive to sitting on the floor with beer and laptops in a big informal meeting.  The Hilton does have a cool outdoor terrace and that is becoming the informal gathering space here, in good weather. 

This year, we will all re-learn the Hilton and the area around it.  Next year, we'll be old-timers in this location and we'll hit the ground running!

Gaining consistent access to wifi has been a challenge.  Information Today builds a wireless network at CIL, but I think the Hilton's Internet "tube" cannot handle all of the people here who have laptops, cell phones, iPads, etc.  It is rumored that the Hilton spent $15 million renovation this hotel.  If true, couldn't they have installed an Internet network/connection that would carry them into the future?

Food-wise, I want to put in a good word for Thaiphoon, where 18 of us (the T is for Training crew) went for lunch.  Dinner was at Raku on Q St. NW (between Connecticut and 19th) and is also very good.  Both are reasonably priced.

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