Monday, February 21, 2011

Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done book coverAt the SLA Leadership Summit, I won one of the gift baskets (raffle) and it contained the audiobook version of Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity.  I didn't realize that I needed a "tune up" in terms of how I manage my list of things that require my attention, but evidently I did!  I've now listened to the book twice and will soon be handing it off to a friend who is looking forward to his own tune up.

So why mention the book here?  Because we all have things that need to get done, but we don't always consider what the next logical action is.  Our minds jump ahead to end result and not to the action that is required before we get to that step.  With that tidbit in mind, I've been asking my student teams to consider what is the next thing that must be done and then who will be responsible for it.  Yes, keep an eye on the big picture, but then recognize the steps that will get you there.  I won't know for a while if this focus of mine will help them, but my suspicion is that it will.

As you consider what is on your plate, especially in terms of your programs and projects, think about what must happen next...whether that is an email, phone call, research, etc.  Then check to see if there is something that needs to happen before it (there might be).  Word that next action using verbs...write, call, talk you know what the action really is.  Amazingly, it will help.

The book, by the way, is much more than this, so it is worth reading or listening to so you can get your own tune up!

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