Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Europeana's Strategic Plan 2011-2015

I received this in email a few weeks ago. In the preface, Dr Elisabeth Niggemann,Chair of the Europeana Foundation Board, said:
I commend this Strategic Plan as a clear-sighted assessment of the route Europeana must take in order to fulfil its potential.

The plan is a very interesting 24-page document.  I may have to assign it as a reading in the course I'm teaching this semester because of its thoughtfulness and information content.

Europeana's Strategic Plan 2011-2015, has been published by the Europeana Foundation. The Plan comes as a timely response to last week's report from the Comité des Sages which recommended 'a clear vision and plan 'for the further development of Europeana.'

The Strategic Plan outlines the approach Europeana will take in the changing information landscape. In the next few years, one specific focus for Europeana will be on enhancing the users' experience. It will give users access to cultural heritage content wherever they are and whenever they want it, making it available through APIs and search widgets, in teaching resources, on blogs, college sites and social networks. Europeana will also explore new ways of actively engaging users in the development of the site and making creative reuse of its content.

Download the full colour version or the black and white print version of the Strategic Plan 2011-2015.

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