Thursday, July 15, 2010

OpticBook A300 and BookScan Station

I just saw these two book scanners mentioned and am noting them here for future reference.  Both are manual scanners.
  • OpticBook A300 is part of the company's Knowledge Office Series of book scanners.  The page on the A300 includes a video of the scanner being used.  It reportedly costs around $1300.
  • BookScan Station, by iVina, is a similar product to the OpticBook A300.  The web site includes a video of a student using the scanner. 
Book scanners come with a wide variety of prices (~$1000-$200,000) and features.  Because of the variety, an organization must be clear about its needs before it begins to look at scanners.


Jeebachu said...

Hi Jill,

I work for iVina, and I just wanted to pass a little information on regarding the differences between the Plustek OpticBook A300 and the BookScan Station.
First off, the A300 is only a scanner. You still need a computer to plug it into.

The BookScan Station system is somewhat of a different beast. It's actually better to think of it as photocopier replacement system rather than a scanner.

If you have any questions regarding the BookScan Station, feel free to shoot me an email -

Johnny said...

There are many more facts and a cool video on about the Book Scan Station. It is a wonderful machine!