Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blog post: A ‘Virtual Book’: CCC’s Google Seminar Series

My blog post on July 20 about the Copyright Clearance Center and Beyond the Book content on the Google Book Settlement was sparked by a book I received in the mail from Chris Kenneally at Beyond the Book of transcripts from several Lois Wasoff webinars.  In a Twitter conversation, Kenneally noted that the book was something they were testing and that all of the transcripts were on the CCC web site.  That sounded like a challenge to me!  So I set off to find the transcripts that are in the book, which also lead me to addition content relevant to the Google Book Settlement.

So I was inspired by what the CCC had done, and the Kenneally was ten inspired by my blog post.  Hence, the book is now available as a PDF on the Beyond the Book web site. {Chris, thank you!}

As a side note, the CCC and Beyond the Book create a ton of content on copyright that is available for free.  Chris Kenneally does weekly podcasts at Beyond the Book about copyright, publishing, and new ways of thinking about the content we create.  On the CCC web site, look under the education section for tools, news, guidelines, reports and more.  You might want to check it out and see what would be useful to you.

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