Monday, August 24, 2009

Thomas Frey on electronic outposts (a version of digital libraries)

In Information Outlook (v.13, n.4, June 2009), Thomas Frey wrote:
Even before the widespread use of book readers, libraries will begin to experiment with a version of the digital library I've termed "the electronic outpost." An electronic outpost is a type of library designed to inspire the mind, to serve as a forum for intellectual spontaneity and a safe haven for creative ideas where visionary thinkers can find solitude and support.

The size, shape, and ultimate purpose of each outpost will vary. Many will be planned with a homey, living room-like feel to them, while others will go with a more eclectic atmosphere to inspire industry-specific thoughts. Electronic outposts will evolve over time around the core services most relevant to a particular user group.
Note that this definition is about a physical place that has an emphasis on the digital.

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