Monday, August 17, 2009

Paper: Collaboration Services in a Participatory Digital Library: An Emerging Design

This 1999 paper - Collaboration Services in a Participatory Digital Library:
An Emerging Design
- talks about the American Front Porch Participatory Digital Library. Included on page 1 is this information on what a digital library is (or could be): [ emphasis added]
Like other innovations, digital libraries will go through phases that emulate, replicate, extend, and finally augment existing practices. To date, most digital library projects have focused on replicating and extending the development and delivery of a library collection. Problems associated with digitization and storage of materials, retrieval methods, and delivery of electronic documents have been addressed in various ways, and some of the worst problems have been resolved (e.g., Digital libraries 1998). However, such digital libraries have not addressed several services often provided by physical libraries, e.g., opportunities for conversations and collaboration among colleagues. In addition, they have not exploited the digital infrastructure to augment their services in ways not possible in a physical library, e.g., in supporting collaboration among users and staff across distances to locate and create information resources.
Do you have a definition of digital libraries? I'm collection them!

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