Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Resource List: Public/Private Mass Digitization Agreements

Thanks to DigitalKoans for finding this resource produced by OCLC. As the site says:
This is a selection of materials about mass digitization, public/private partnerships and the agreements that govern them, and matters of policy and other related topics.
And what a collection it is! Below are the heading/areas covered. OCLC wants this to be a growing collection, so the site contains a way for people to send in suggestions.
  • Google Agreements
  • Google Library Partnerships—Commentary
  • Google Book Search Settlement
  • Google Book Search Settlement—Commentary
  • NARA Partnerships and Related Commentary
  • Smithsonian Partnerships and Related Commentary
  • Other Types of Digitization Arrangements
  • Policy
  • Related Commentary
  • Related Resources

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