Thursday, October 23, 2008

Report on book scanners by Kirtas, Qidenus, Treventus and 4DigitalBooks

This report was written by Julian Ball, who attended an event at the Munich Digitisation Centre in June 2008, where four vendors exhibited and demonstrated their scanners: Qidenus, Kirtas, Treventus and 4DigitalBooks. The report lists basic information/specifications for each scanner as well as cost/supply and the author's personal specifications. At the end of the report, Ball provides some overall observations including which scanner works best when. He notes:
There is no one scanner at the current time that meets all the requirements when considering source material, handling and output.
This report will definitely be of interest to anyone who is interested in digitizing books, even if you are not considering an automated scanner (because you'll still learn useful information from it). The presentations given by the four companies are also available.

Thanks to JISC and Julian Ball for this report! You have made many people happy!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the report Julian. How are you finding the productivity of the CopiBook? Would you be able to "review" it in the same manner as the four already done?

One correction, the Kirtas machines use an open book angle of 110 degrees, not 60 degrees as mentioned in your PDF.