Monday, June 23, 2008

Videos of the Treventus ScanRobot book scanner

This first video is a promotional piece, while the second video shows the equipment in action. The description for the second Treventus ScanRobot video says:
The ScanRobot in action, scanning an old book from the 16 th century, by a speed of circa 1250 pages per hour. In this video the whole scanning process and the result in the software is visible.

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Alain said...

The vendor presentations from the book scanner comparison over in Germany are now available on line. Interesting specs regarding technical differences (electronic shutter industrial cameras versus mechanical shuttered commercial cams, bayer filtered versus non bayer, etc). There is also one presentation where they actual mention maximum rated speed and "actual" production numbers (taking into account book load/unload time etc). Some other good info on what it actually takes to build a scanning factory from the ground up.

There is also a very substantial zipfile containing images of the event. (400+MB)