Thursday, March 13, 2008

White Paper: Preservation in the Age of Large-Scale Digitization

This 60-page paper was written by Oya Rieger and released last month. IN section 5, she outlines 13 recommendations:
  • 5.1 Reassess Digitization Requirements for Archival Images
  • 5.2 Develop a Feasible Quality Control Program
  • 5.3 Balance Preservation and Access Requirements
  • 5.4 Enhance Access to Digitized Content
  • 5.5 Understand the Impact of Contractual Restriction on Preservation Responsibilities
  • 5.6 Lend Support for Shared Print-Storage Initiatives
  • 5.7 Promote the Use of Registry of Digital Masters
  • 5.8 Outline a Large-Scale Digitization Initiative Archiving Action Agenda
  • 5.9 Devise Policies for Designating Digital Preservation Levels
  • 5.10 Capture and Share Cost Information
  • 5.11 Revisit Library Priorities and Strategies
  • 5.12 Shift to an Agile and Open Planning Model
  • 5.13 Re-envision Collection Development for Research Libraries
I have not curled up with this paper yet, but will soon (especially since I may assign it as a reading for my graduate students). None of the section titles allude to implications for smaller projects and I'll be interested to see how her recommendations are translated into guidelines for more modest efforts.

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