Tuesday, March 11, 2008

TAPE guidelines for analogue open reel tapes

From the Digital-Preservation discussion list.

TAPE has published web-based guidelines for digitisation. They describe the digitisation workflow for analogue open reel tapes as a step by step approach for the production of digital copies from analogue tapes from a technical point of view. Most of the workflow may also be applied to audio cassettes. The workflow was written by Juha Henriksson (Finnish Jazz & Pop Archive) & Nadja Wallaszkovits (Phonogrammarchiv, Austrian Academy of Sciences).

The workflow is mainly aimed at newcomers in the world of audio tape digitization. It contains references to other literature and many detailed photographs.

You will find the workflow at http://www.jazzpoparkisto.net/audio/

The TAPE project, Training for Audiovisual Preservation in Europe, http://www.tape-online.net, is supported by the Culture 2000-programme of the EU.

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