Friday, September 22, 2006

OneWebDay: Sept. 22


OneWebDay is a new celebration. (I learned about it from Larry Lessig's blog.) According to the web site:
The mission of OneWebDay is to create, maintain, advance, and promote a global day to celebrate online life.
The wiki (yes, this celebration has a web site, blog and wiki) gives an interesting list of activities, some of which you might want to try even if you can't do them today. For example:
  • Teach the mayor to blog.
  • Wire a town, or create a wireless hotspot.
  • Employees: teach your boss to IM.
  • Parents: get your kids to teach you to IM.
  • Companies: run a virtual meeting for work-at-home employees.
With the work you do, you are helping to create an online world and an online life for people. If you do nothing else, take a moment today to think about the impact you are having OR tell a stranger about the online world you are creating (like the person you purchase you cup of coffee from).

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1 comment:

Josh Shear said...

consider us lucky to live here, i guess:

- if not the mayor, at least i know some of the common councilors read local blogs
- there's free wireless all over the city -- in fact, we're more wireless than quite a few cities that are larger than us
- we use IM around the office
- my mom was using IM before i was
- we regularly tele- and video-conference training sessions

amazing how wired we are when we look around at what we take for granted