Friday, September 08, 2006

Blog Post: Google and Michigan block access outside U.S.

In the English corner of this German blog (Archivalia) is a post about Google and the University of Michigan not allowing access to the books they are digitizing to people located outside of the U.S. This blogger has asked friends/colleagues in various countries to check this out and all reported not being able to access a specific "test" book in the UMich-Google collection. The error message they are seeing claims that there are copyright restrictions, yet they are trying to view a public domain works. Very strange.

If you're outside of the U.S., you might want to read this post and give some input. (And leave a message here too.) When you search Google Book Search for Emanuel Geibel's Gedichte (the test book they are using), what do you see?

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kg said...

Thanks for spreading the message! All works published after 1864 outside the US seems to be blocked for foreign users by UMich.

vonjobi said...

i was about to speak for the philippines when i remembered that i'm not there anymore =)

but thanks for this!