Thursday, August 31, 2006

Blog Day 2006

Today is Blog Day and bloggers are encouraged to recommend "5 new Blogs, Preferably, Blogs different from their own culture, point of view and attitude...." So here are five blogs for you to check out.
Restoration Tips & Notes / Media Formats & Resources -- I have recently become aware of Richard Hess' blog. He does not write frequently, but often enough and there is good content here for those dealing with sound recordings.

Confessions of a Mad Librarian -- I am a big Eli Edwards fan. She has her MLS and is now going to law school. She doesn't blog often anymore, but when she says something, people listen. (Reminiscent of the old E.F. Hutton TV commercial.) Generally she writes about copyright-related concerns.

BTW I met Eli face-to-face at the SLA conference in Toronto after the Copyright Roundtable. She came up and introduced herself. I didn't recognize her name, but once she said her blog's name, I knew exactly who she was! -- "HangingTogether is a place where some of the staff at RLG Programs, part of the OCLC Programs and Research division, a partnership of libraries, archives, and museums, can talk about the intersections we see happening between these three different types of institutions."

Guenter Waibel, one of the bloggers here, also teaches part-time at Syracuse University (as I do) and reading this blog has been one way of getting to know him.

Lifehacker -- "Computers make us more productive. Yeah, right. Lifehacker recommends the software downloads and web sites that actually save time. Don't live to geek; geek to live."

Presentation Zen -- This is "Garr Reynolds' blog on issues related to professional presentation design." I must admit that I skim this blog, rather than read it in depth. What I find interesting about it are the screen shots from people's presentations and comments he makes about those presentations. There are a few people out there who are masters at doing presentations and we all could learn from them.

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vonjobi said...

"I didn't recognize her name, but once she said her blog's name, I knew exactly who she was!"

yup, it's very difficult not to recognize the "mad" librarian by name. belated happy blog day!